How to Avoid Feeling Lonely when Traveling Alone

Posted on 22 September 2017 (0)

Many people don’t like traveling alone because it can get emotionally difficult. However, seasoned travelers like my friend at MT Gutters San Antonio know how to avoid feeling lonely whenever they travel alone. He shares the following tips on how to avoid feeling lonely when traveling alone.

Be your best friend

If you learn to make yourself your best friend, you will never feel lonely. Therefore, start the trip by making yourself the best friend. That way, you won’t feel lonely during the trip and even in life.

Be open to meeting new people and having new experiences

Smile back at strangers and talk to them. For instance, if you come across a backpacker, say hello. Find out where they are going and keep your prejudices away.

Use online communities

The internet has made getting companions easier. Today, there are many online communities for travelers. Use them to share your travel experiences and get information about your destination. Don’t be surprised to find another solo traveler that might end up being your travel companion.


Smile to people that you meet and they will be interested in talking to you. If you travel with a negative attitude and remain sullen throughout, people will avoid conversations with you. So, smile and other people will smile back at you.

Stay in hostels

Hostels provide the best avenues for making new friends. Although many people that you meet in hostels while traveling may not be more than hostel friends, you can meet a person that will become your friend forever. Therefore, instead of staying in a lonely, fancy hotel room, stay in a hostel where you can meet interesting travelers.

Make friends with people you share interests with  

Take part in excursions and tours with people that you share interests with. Party with locals and travelers with whom you have similar interests. This will definitely put loneliness at bay during your trip.

Basically, the world is full of people that are ready to make new friends. So, instead of letting loneliness take control over your travel, make new friends and engage in fun activities.

Essential Guidelines for Senior Travelers

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Essential Guidelines for Senior Travelers

Over the years, there have been an increasing number of senior travelers. In fact, many seniors see traveling as their youth’s fountain. However, it’s important for seniors to know how to ensure their comfort, happiness, and safety while traveling. Here are essential guidelines for senior travelers.

Know where to go

For retired seniors that can travel any time, it’s reasonable to travel during the shoulder season. This enables them to avoid things that are likely to exhaust them with ease. For instance, when traveling during the shoulder season, you avoid the summer heat and tourists’ crowds.

Get a travel insurance

Travel insurance for a senior cost more. However, you are likely to need it while traveling. It’s however important to find out whether your current medical insurance covers you while traveling abroad. Additionally, find out whether the insurance that you purchase or have covers your pre-existing conditions while traveling. When getting additional insurance, be attentive to evacuation insurance. That’s very important because this covers a substantial expense amount when getting quality medical care in the event of an emergency.


Pack light when traveling. That means you take fewer items especially clothing. Essentially, avoid hauling a big bag. Instead, pack items that enable you to carry your luggage smoothly. That way, you will avoid wrestling with bulky items during the trip.

Carry your medications

It’s better to carry medication and never use it than struggle to get it. Remember that overseas pharmacists might not be familiar with the brand names in your home country. Therefore, before you go on a trip, ask your physician or doctor to provide appropriate medications or a list of the right generic medications or their equivalent. If you use hearing aids, carry spare batteries.


When you are not taking a direct flight, check your luggage. That’s because your carry-on bag might be your lug-around drag when connecting flights at a busy airport.


If you have difficulties going upstairs, request the hotel to provide a ground-floor room. Additionally, consider proximity of the hotel where you stay to the train station, bus station, or airport. This will minimize the amount of time and effort that you will need to carry your luggage.

Getting around

To get around, consider using taxis and city buses. If you plan to rent a vehicle, bear in mind that there is an upper age limit in some countries.

Basically, these are the major guidelines for senior travelers. Consider them and plan accordingly to avoid unpleasant surprises when traveling.

5 Things that Every Newbie Should Know about International Travel

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Although some people are experienced international travelers, others are new to international travel. To a newbie, traveling to a foreign country can be both exciting and confusing. The idea of leaving a country where you were born and brought up for the first time causes anxiety in many people. Nevertheless, you can overcome the anxiety by educating yourself first.

The basics

You don’t have to learn the official language of the country that you are traveling to. Just take time to educate yourself about the basics and you will be good to go. Simply learn things like the currency exchange rate, how to say “no,” “yes,” and “thank you.”

Don’t be more adventurous until you have bearings

On arriving in a foreign country, you will be vulnerable to all sorts of bad choices and errors. Therefore, consider using a less adventurous and more conventional services until you familiarize yourself with the surrounding. Be your adventurous self after getting your bearings.

Know that the visa application process can be unreasonable

In most countries, the process of applying for a visa is complex and time-consuming. Expect it to give you headache due to the involved bureaucratic processes. Essentially, apply for your visa early.

International airports are complex and massive

Perhaps, you think your country has the busiest airport. That’s not true. International airports are pretty busy. They have the thickest customs checkpoints, terminals, and re-check-ins. So, plan accordingly before you travel.

Hotel managers run hotels

Many international or world class hotels are run like independent businesses. That’s where managers are truly in charge. As such, you do all business with the manager directly. Basically, the manager can throw extras or haggle over the initial price. The bad thing about this is that you may have to wait if the manager is unavailable.

These are the most important things that every newbie should know about international travel. Bear them in mind and your international travel experience will be better.


5 Useful Tips on How to Talk to Strangers when Traveling

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Avid travelers meet many people with different backgrounds. Some of them become their lifelong friends while others melt into the heaps of faded acquaintances and friends. Nevertheless, traveling and talking to strangers helps. It enables you to build confidence and know how to approach conversations with strangers. However, you should be careful when talking to strangers while traveling to avoid offending them.

Here are 5 useful tips on how to talk to strangers while traveling:

Use names

Use the name of the other traveler severally in a conversation to establish a bond immediately. This may sound ‘telesales-y’ but it works. Basically, mentioning the name of the other traveler shows that you are focused and listening to them. Using your name in a conversation is also important because it saves the other traveler the embarrassment of asking you to remind them your name.


Don’t be a know-it-all

Avoid being someone that knows something about everything. Don’t be the guy that has done every job and even done it better. You will bore the other traveler if you present yourself as a know-it-all that has been to every destination or done everything. Avoid trying to be the best story teller. Instead, allow the other traveler to contribute because it’s not an open-mic night but a conversation.

Choose groups instead of individuals

Holding a conversation with a lone person is easier than talking in a group when you meet stranger. However, maintaining a conversation in a group is easier than holding a lengthy conversation with a single person. So, opt for group conversations over talking to a lone stranger when traveling.

Don’t ask the obvious

Asking a stranger what they do for a living is not one of the most interesting topics. If you can, avoid such a topic and go for a joke or a lighthearted comment. Usually, make sure that it is about something common such as the host. Offering a snack or drink to a fellow traveler might even be the easiest way to win them as your friend.

Let them know that you have learnt from them

If a fellow traveler has shared something interesting, let them know that they have taught you something. This helps because everybody wants to feel smart. Use this approach to make the stranger feel at ease and the conversation will take a natural flow.

Generally, these are some of the best ways to talk to strangers while traveling. Try them out and you will be surprised at how you can make lifelong friends from strangers in a plane, train, bus, café and other places. Check out one of my favorite travel sites that offer great specials by clicking here.

4 Major Reasons to Invest in Travel Insurance

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If you are planning to travel domestically or overseas, you should invest in the best travel insurance policy. Avid travelers recommend taking out this insurance for the following reasons.

Overseas assistance

You can’t rule out the possibility of experiencing trouble when traveling overseas. When you have a nice travel insurance policy, you easily get help overseas. For instance, if you have an accident or fall ill, your insurance provider will ensure that you get quality care and get back home safely.

Medical costs protection

If you need medical attention when traveling, your travel insurance provider will cater for the cost. Many countries charge visitors a higher fee for medical treatment. To cushion yourself against hefty medical costs, invest in a good travel insurance package.

Trip disruptions

Your trip can be disrupted by things that are beyond your control. For instance, your flight can be cancelled or delayed. An emergency can occur and compel you to get back home. A terrorist attack can occur at your destination. If you don’t have travel insurance, you might end up spending a fortune because of a trip disruption. In most cases, travelers without travel insurance lose the money that they have already paid and pay for a new booking. However, a good travel insurance package provides coverage for trip disruptions that are beyond the control of travelers. That means with a good travel insurance policy, you don’t have to spend money when something disrupts your trip.

Reimbursement for expenses and losses

If your belongings are stolen, damaged or lost, you may end up without money to spend in a foreign land. Without travel insurance, replacing the items will be your responsibility. Nevertheless, investing in a good insurance policy means that you will be reimbursed for the expenses and losses. Thus, you won’t lose money because of a hotel or airline blunder or the wrongdoings of a heartless thief.

Basically, these are the major reasons to invest in travel insurance. Nevertheless, you should buy your policy from a reputable company to get quality service and experience.