How to Avoid Feeling Lonely when Traveling Alone

Posted on 22 September 2017 (0)

Many people don’t like traveling alone because it can get emotionally difficult. However, seasoned travelers like my friend at MT Gutters San Antonio know how to avoid feeling lonely whenever they travel alone. He shares the following tips on how to avoid feeling lonely when traveling alone.

Be your best friend

If you learn to make yourself your best friend, you will never feel lonely. Therefore, start the trip by making yourself the best friend. That way, you won’t feel lonely during the trip and even in life.

Be open to meeting new people and having new experiences

Smile back at strangers and talk to them. For instance, if you come across a backpacker, say hello. Find out where they are going and keep your prejudices away.

Use online communities

The internet has made getting companions easier. Today, there are many online communities for travelers. Use them to share your travel experiences and get information about your destination. Don’t be surprised to find another solo traveler that might end up being your travel companion.


Smile to people that you meet and they will be interested in talking to you. If you travel with a negative attitude and remain sullen throughout, people will avoid conversations with you. So, smile and other people will smile back at you.

Stay in hostels

Hostels provide the best avenues for making new friends. Although many people that you meet in hostels while traveling may not be more than hostel friends, you can meet a person that will become your friend forever. Therefore, instead of staying in a lonely, fancy hotel room, stay in a hostel where you can meet interesting travelers.

Make friends with people you share interests with  

Take part in excursions and tours with people that you share interests with. Party with locals and travelers with whom you have similar interests. This will definitely put loneliness at bay during your trip.

Basically, the world is full of people that are ready to make new friends. So, instead of letting loneliness take control over your travel, make new friends and engage in fun activities.

Why Travel Makes You Happy

Posted on 14 April 2021 (0)

Travel does many things, including making people happy. Your mental wellbeing improves when you travel. Whether you go on a family vacation or business trip, traveling will make you happier. Here are some of the major reasons why travel makes a person happy. 

It Makes You Appreciate Things that You Take for Granted 

Most people take their homes and family for granted. However, they realize how precious such things are when they travel and meet people that are not privileged to have them. Some people even start missing their families and homes when traveling. You realize how privileged you’re to have something to call home or family when you meet and share with people that are not lucky to have them. 

Infectious Happiness 

When you meet happy people, you automatically find yourself smiling too. That’s because happiness tends to be infectious. Most travelers are friendly and cheerful. You notice this when you meet and interact with them in hostels or social places. When other people smile at you, it’s hard to avoid smiling back at them. That’s because you see the true, infectious happiness in them.  

Making Friends When Traveling Becomes Easier 

You meet happy people that are ready to become your friends when traveling. Striking conversations with other travelers or even the locals is easier. And, you can do this on a plane or a bus. That’s because there are fewer boundaries when traveling. Thus, making friends with local people or other travelers is easier. 

Traveling Improves Self-Confidence

When traveling, you deal with many unexpected situations. This happens even to people that take the time to plan their trips carefully. When unexpected situations arise, you have to deal with them. Overcoming such situations boosts self-confidence and this enhances your happiness. 

You Get Some Time to Be Alone 

Traveling provides a breathing space. And, you might not find this space in the daily hectic schedule. When traveling, you escape your stressful situations for a while. You can end up in a quiet and peaceful place. You let go of the tension and stress that denies your peace of mind. Thus, you enjoy some alone moments away from home. And t

Safest Travel Destinations to Visit This Year

Posted on 17 December 2020 (0)

While there are various factors to consider when choosing a travel destination, safety is one of the most crucial elements that you should always carefully look into. Many situations can make a travel destination unsafe including political unrest, disease outbreaks, and crimes. As such, choosing a safe travel destination can enable you to avoid being a victim of those situations. Nevertheless, the following are some of the world’s safest destinations to visit this year. 


Australia has recently featured in most travel publications as one of the safest places for travelers. For example, the Travel and Leisure magazine named it the ‘’Destination of the Year.’’ Apart from just the low crime rates, it has a very friendly atmosphere for all kinds of travelers. Australia is safe for mature, young, female, solo, and group travelers with kids. 


Also among the top safest travel destinations in the world, Iceland is a nation that has enjoyed greater peace and tranquility over the years. It has one of the lowest crime rates in the world with only vast tracks of natural landscapes to explore. That is why it is the best destination for watching the Northern Lights as they magnificently dance across the sky. 


Portugal is also a safe retreat without any significant threats to travelers. It is one of the renowned tourist destinations with plenty of historical relics and modern indulgences, offering travelers the best of both worlds. The locals are friendly and, the country does not have any stringent laws that would cause concern for travelers. 

Whether you are looking for the safest travel destination for a vacation retreat, business, or adventure trips, there are lots of options around the globe to choose from. The other safe travel destinations that you may also want to add to your bucket list include the USA, Denmark, New Zealand, Canada, and Singapore.

Top Travel Destinations for Families

Posted on 31 July 2020 (0)

The choice of a travel destination always has a great impact on the overall experience. With the burst of travel destinations around the globe, choosing the ideal travel destination for a memorable family vacation could be a problem. Instead of beating yourself up, check out the following top travel destinations for families. 

Reserva Monteverde, Costa Rica 

Reserva Monteverde lies against the backdrop of Costa Rica’s prominence in adventure and eco0tourism. The area has plenty of natural resources such as rainforests and wildlife as well as unique features and fun activities for the whole family. Since it is a protected area, the kids have a lot of space to play, relax, and interact with nature in total safety. There are lots of family fun activities to do here including hiking, canopy tours, zip-lining, horse riding, and wildlife spotting. Some of its key highlights include Bosque Eternal de Los Ninos (Children’s Eternal Forest) and Monteverde Cloudforest Biological Reserve. 

Kerala, India 

If you are looking for the perfect Indian adventure with the entire family, Kerala is the next best option. One of the reasons is because it has good family-friendly hotels and restaurants. Besides, the backwaters destination offers a peaceful escape from the hustles and bustles of crammed up travel destinations. Kerala boasts national parks, serene waterways, and pristine natural sceneries. Apart from the rides on houseboats, visitors can also engage in bamboo rafting and other water activities, and elephant spotting. 

The West Midlands, England 

Although the UK has several travel destinations for families, the West Midlands is a hidden gem with lots of sights and sounds to delight adults and kids. You can watch the big game at the West Midlands Safari Park or travel back in time, tasting chips fried in beef dripping at the Black Country Living Museum. Other key attractions include the Sea Life Center, Derby, Severn Valley Steam Railway, and Birmingham. 

The other iconic travel destinations for families that you should also consider when planning your next trip include Puglia, Italy; Brittany, France; Florida, USA; Toronto, Canada, and Colorado, USA. 

Ways to Enjoy More Adventure when Traveling

Posted on 11 March 2020 (0)

Traveling to a new place is a tantalizing idea. What is more thrilling is the idea of trying something you have not experienced in the past. The adventure you enjoy is similar to the mental state you get when you step out to experience the unknown. Here are some of the best ways to enjoy more adventure when traveling. 

Travel Alone 

Solo travel is becoming increasingly popular. This type of travel is the ultimate incentive for meeting new people. It enables a traveler to enjoy and explore more exciting ideas without inhibition. You decide what to do, who to do it with, and when without consulting anybody. This makes the adventure of solo travel more thrilling. 

Go for Local Experiences 

Meeting the local people is a great way to get into the core of their customs and culture. This is an awesome way of enjoying more adventure when traveling. Therefore, look for opportunities that enable you to get in touch with other travelers and the local people. You can do this while having fun at local attractions or eating. Be friendly and talk to the local people to learn more about their ways of life. 

Take the Unbeaten Paths 

Don’t travel to places where everybody wants to go to. Instead, research places that have not been explored by most people. You can do this by talking to the locals at your travel destination. These will tell you more about the places where you can go to have more fun. What’s more, be ready to try new experiences and learn while traveling. 

Consider a Different Means of Transport

Don’t fly if you can use local transport and have more fun. Choose a means of transport that enables you to mingle with the local people. You can even use a motorbike or a bicycle if it’s a safe means of transport that lets you have more adventure. 

The best way to have more adventure when traveling is having an open mind. Be ready to do things differently and try something new whenever you travel. 

How to Travel when You Are Poor

Posted on 18 November 2019 (0)

Finances are among every traveler’s greatest concerns that could either break or make your trip. While traveling requires adequate money, you no longer have to spend several months saving money just for a trip. Today, many tricks can enable you to explore the world without any financial burden. Check out the following tips on how to travel when you are poor. 

Plan Trips during Off-Peak Seasons 

The cost of flights and accommodations often account for the largest amounts of travel expenditure. Besides, many airlines and hotels hike their rates during public holidays when the demand is high. 

As such, traveling during off-peak seasons can enable you to easily get the cheapest flights and accommodations. You can use travel apps to track the dates when airfares and accommodation rates are at their lowest. 

Register for Volunteer Work 

Today, there are many volunteer opportunities overseas that you can also take up if you want to travel free. Most volunteer initiatives are for environmental conservation and other public services. With such opportunities, you will be able to explore different destinations at the expense of the organizations. 

Go Local 

If you are not financially loaded, going local can be a great way to save up on the costs of travel. Before departure, do a little research to find cheap local restaurants to eat in during the trip. If you can find some locals at your destination to stay with, it could also help with saving up on accommodation and meals. 

You should also try to avoid the renowned tourist attraction sites. Instead, opt for the less-traveled sites. Such are often free to visitors and will also offer a better chance of exploring your destination. 

Travel Light 

You can save a lot of money on travel whenever you head out with just carry-on luggage. Carrying light luggage will ensure low airfares and also, give you an easier time moving around. 

The beauty of traveling lies not in huge spending but, the experience that you get on the road. Instead of focusing on the money aspect, simply create a proper travel plan and follow the above guidelines for truly memorable trips.