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5 Useful Tips on How to Talk to Strangers when Traveling

Posted on 30 September 2017 by (0)

Avid travelers meet many people with different backgrounds. Some of them become their lifelong friends while others melt into the heaps of faded acquaintances and friends. Nevertheless, traveling and talking to strangers helps. It enables you to build confidence and know how to approach conversations with strangers. However, you should be careful when talking to strangers while traveling to avoid offending them.

Here are 5 useful tips on how to talk to strangers while traveling:

Use names

Use the name of the other traveler severally in a conversation to establish a bond immediately. This may sound ‘telesales-y’ but it works. Basically, mentioning the name of the other traveler shows that you are focused and listening to them. Using your name in a conversation is also important because it saves the other traveler the embarrassment of asking you to remind them your name.


Don’t be a know-it-all

Avoid being someone that knows something about everything. Don’t be the guy that has done every job and even done it better. You will bore the other traveler if you present yourself as a know-it-all that has been to every destination or done everything. Avoid trying to be the best story teller. Instead, allow the other traveler to contribute because it’s not an open-mic night but a conversation.

Choose groups instead of individuals

Holding a conversation with a lone person is easier than talking in a group when you meet stranger. However, maintaining a conversation in a group is easier than holding a lengthy conversation with a single person. So, opt for group conversations over talking to a lone stranger when traveling.

Don’t ask the obvious

Asking a stranger what they do for a living is not one of the most interesting topics. If you can, avoid such a topic and go for a joke or a lighthearted comment. Usually, make sure that it is about something common such as the host. Offering a snack or drink to a fellow traveler might even be the easiest way to win them as your friend.

Let them know that you have learnt from them

If a fellow traveler has shared something interesting, let them know that they have taught you something. This helps because everybody wants to feel smart. Use this approach to make the stranger feel at ease and the conversation will take a natural flow.

Generally, these are some of the best ways to talk to strangers while traveling. Try them out and you will be surprised at how you can make lifelong friends from strangers in a plane, train, bus, café and other places. Check out one of my favorite travel sites that offer great specials by clicking here.