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Safest Travel Destinations to Visit This Year

Posted on 17 December 2020 by (0)

While there are various factors to consider when choosing a travel destination, safety is one of the most crucial elements that you should always carefully look into. Many situations can make a travel destination unsafe including political unrest, disease outbreaks, and crimes. As such, choosing a safe travel destination can enable you to avoid being a victim of those situations. Nevertheless, the following are some of the world’s safest destinations to visit this year. 


Australia has recently featured in most travel publications as one of the safest places for travelers. For example, the Travel and Leisure magazine named it the ‘’Destination of the Year.’’ Apart from just the low crime rates, it has a very friendly atmosphere for all kinds of travelers. Australia is safe for mature, young, female, solo, and group travelers with kids. 


Also among the top safest travel destinations in the world, Iceland is a nation that has enjoyed greater peace and tranquility over the years. It has one of the lowest crime rates in the world with only vast tracks of natural landscapes to explore. That is why it is the best destination for watching the Northern Lights as they magnificently dance across the sky. 


Portugal is also a safe retreat without any significant threats to travelers. It is one of the renowned tourist destinations with plenty of historical relics and modern indulgences, offering travelers the best of both worlds. The locals are friendly and, the country does not have any stringent laws that would cause concern for travelers. 

Whether you are looking for the safest travel destination for a vacation retreat, business, or adventure trips, there are lots of options around the globe to choose from. The other safe travel destinations that you may also want to add to your bucket list include the USA, Denmark, New Zealand, Canada, and Singapore.